Why Talos Living Tiles?

It’s now possible to bring nature indoors
Imagine turning your home or workplace into a sanctuary abundant with nature’s vitamins. That’s the power of Talos Living Tiles. Unlike any other tiles, these living tiles embody the ancient Chinese philosophy of “San Cai” in “Ye Jing”, which emphasises the balance between nature and humanity, making it possible for us to bring Mother Nature back home.

How we brought science and nature together
Coated with ground-breaking Nano Glazing technology, Talos Living Tiles produce and release Negative Ions that have great healing effects for your well-being. Negative Ions that are available in nature, especially around beaches, waterfalls, mountains and forests, can now be released all around your home or workplace, creating a natural sanctuary for you and your family.

Talos Tiles Living

China National Accredited Laboratory
GuangDong Detection Center of Microbiology
certified TALOS passed Test Method for
Air Ion Concentration of Materials,
GB/T 28628-2012 standard.

Talos Tiles Living

World Recognized Germany Base Testing Lab
TUV SUD (PSB Singapore branch)
certified TALOS passed Standard for
Measuring Methods of Airborne Ion Density,
JIS B 9929:2006 standard.