Welcome Mother Nature
into your home

Talos Tiles Living

Healing begins at home

Talos Living Tiles harnesses the positive healing powers of Negative Ions, spreading
therapeutic capabilities of Mother Nature seamlessly into your home.
Using ground-breaking technology, these tiles unlike no other, improves the quality of
air indoors and overall well-being of your family, all with nature’s own vitamins.

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Negative Ions are Nature’s
“Vitamins in the Air”

Negative Ions are known to improve your energy and well-being. They are proven to harness healing effects on us
humans. Negative Ions are usually found in the most serene of the natural surroundings, like beaches, waterfalls,
mountains and forests. Prolonged exposure to Negative Ions are known to reduce allergies, irritations and coughs.

Talos Tiles Living
Accelerates the oxidation of serotonin,
the ‘feel good’ hormone

Talos Living Tiles Collection

We didn’t just innovate tiles to make you feel good, we designed them to look great too.
  Browse our range of designs inspired by nature, including some of the greatest sources of Negative Ions.