Why Talos Living Tiles?

It’s now possible to bring nature indoors

Imagine turning your home or workplace into a sanctuary abundant with nature’s vitamins. That’s the power of Talos Living Tiles. Unlike any other tiles, these living tiles embody the ancient Chinese philosophy of “San Cai” in “Ye Jing”, which imphasises the balance between nature and humanity, making it possible for us to bring Mother Nature back home.

How we brought science and nature together

Coated with ground-breaking Nano Glazing technology, Talos Living Tiles produce and release Negative Ions that have great healing effects for your well-being. Negative Ions that are available in nature, especially around beaches, waterfalls, mountains and forests, can now be released all around your home or workplace, creating a natural sanctuary for you and your family.

Tiles that create healthier buildings

Most buildings are prone of housing poor indoor air quality, which can be filled with bacteria and a group of chemicals called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). They are recognized as some of the biggest pollutants of indoor air. Shockingly, the amount of VOCs concentrated indoors can be up to a 100 times higher than what’s outside. VOCs have been connected to multiple diseases, such as reduction of allergies, irritations caused by air particulate, and the sick building syndrome.

This is where the power Negative Ions in Talos Living Tiles help create spaces that clears the air and improves air quality. Hence making healthier indoors, and a healthier you.


Outdoor Air

Vehicle exhaust & pollution
> General VOC


Indoor - Garage

Automotive fluids,
exhaust products & pesticides
> General VOC


Indoor - Living Room

Furniture, upholstery & wall paints
> Formaldehyde


Indoor - Kitchen

Cooking & detergents
> General VOC


Indoor - Bedroom

Carpets, furniture & upholstery
> Formaldehyde


Indoor - Bathroom

Detergents & perfumes
> General VOC


Nano Glazing technology

Talos Living Tiles are produced via the application of Nano Glazing
technology, which powers our tiles to release Negative Ions into the air. With the continuous release of Negative Ions, these tiles can efficiently eliminate all kinds of microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses in air and is an ideal way to purify the air of VOCs.

Talos Living Tiles Guarantees

Unlike ordinary tiles, these wellness inducing tiles have been tested and certified to emit a lifetime of supplement Negative Ions, built for durability and is long lasting.

China National Accredited Laboratory
GuangDong Detection Center of Microbiology
certified TALOS passed Test Method for
Air Ion Concentration of Materials,
GB/T 28628-2012 standard.
World Recognized Germany Base Testing Lab
TUV SUD (PSB Singapore branch)
certified TALOS passed Standard for
Measuring Methods of Airborne Ion Density,
JIS B 9929:2006 standard.